Eduardo PaulinoAt the time I am 10 years and 8 months old when the Japanese took over Guam.

I did suffer forced march all over Guam. In the vicinity of the village where I live, which is in the south in Inarajan, the Japanese will be forcing us to march from one weapon emplacement to the other.

I am just barely making 13 years old, maybe less. But at that time, the Japanese want from 15 years old up to be taken down to Jalaguag, that’s the airport now, So, actually my brother is more or less 15 or close to 15 years old, but he’s handicap. My mother started to cry because my handicapped brother is going to be taken to the airport so he can be used there as forced labor.

So, since my mother’s begging the Japanese not to take my handicapped brother, she asked if I could be exchanged, to change my brother. Of course I agree with that because I don’t like to see my handicapped brother to be taken for a forced labor.


Real People. Real Stories. A weekly testimonial series provided by the Office of Senator Frank F. Blas, Jr. The testimony of Eduardo Chargualaf Paulino is recorded in the Guam War Claims Review Commission public hearings held in Hagåtña, Guam on December 9, 2003. This story sponosored by the community involvement of AM Insurance.  Photo courtesy of Expressions Studio.